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Mel D.

I couldn't get on to the USPS website for weeks and I was totally frustrated until I found your website. Just want to tell you that it saved me from going nuts. Thank you.


Being located in a rural area I do much of my business and shopping online. There are so many ways to ship these days that keeping track of everything takes up more and more time. Being able to consolidate this all into one centralized location has given me back a good chunk of my time in the mornings! I've been using this service for a couple of months now and early on I made a few suggestions. I was delighted when not only where the suggestions looked at, but where actually implemented on the site, and often in a way that was better than I had imagined when making the suggestion! With those changes, I find it rare that I need to go to the individual tracking sites anymore as packagemapping.com has it all in one place and I can tell where things are at a glance.


Great site! I love seeing where my shipments are this way

Respectfully yours, Jens “Rudi” Randolff

This site is by far the best package tracking service out there. I honestly cannot think of anything that could be improved, as the service is perfect the way it is.
Recently, I was able to track a package that was misrouted and arrived at my location 3 days late. I contacted the shipper regarding the issue and was armed with detailed information concerning my package.
"PackageMapping" is an indispensable program for me, as I receive packages almost every week, sometimes from multiple shippers. Being able to track each package from one site is great and saves a lot of time. Thank you for an awesome service.


The web site is simple, clean, and uncluttered with pizzazz. It is easy to navigate and use. The user does not need to drill down or search for feature(s) I need to access. Works like a charm, like you would like it to.

Allen Haile

Very Clean Site. Easy to Navigate. Great package tracking vehicle...best I've seen so far!

Absolutely love this site, it has saved me hundreds of dollars worth of lost packages because they were found when tracking on this site. There was no disputing the arrival of a package from an eBay sale, the buyer can no longer rip off the seller. It's a great effective tool for the eBay seller, buyer, and even eBay dispute resolutions because everyone can clearly see if the package has been shipped or not. Usually the case is that the buyer DID receive the package even though they are claiming they did not. This saves the seller time and lots of money. Just refer the buyer to this site and their complaint goes away. They know you are smarter than the average person who doesn't know about this site. No more eBay rip-off artists. Yippee!!

Dear Robert,
I wanted to let you know how the PackageMapping link has impacted my website. Since I added the service and respective link, the traffic has increase 8 times what it was before I added the link. You are extremely responsive in acting upon feedback, specifically, the changes you made to the "mapping" button, as a result of my customers' feedback on finding/using it. The customers have since commented, unsolicited, regarding the "cute package with wings" icon you use in the mapping function, so I know they're using it. Thanks also for the help in trouble shooting issues in a very timely manner, with all of the different web hosting options and firewall security issues today, you make solving the problem look easy! My customers are glad I found you!

Integrating PackageMapping in our e-commerce website provides a great service for our customers. They are able to see their package progress via Google Maps from our distribution center to their front door. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. This has helped RealDealTools.com by greatly reducing the amount of emails and phone
calls we receive regarding delivery status. Best of all, it keeps our customers coming back to RealDealTools.com. There is always the potential for future business when you keep your customers coming back.


Amazing program. Never thought I could find an easy to use tracking program like this. Thanks.


The website is very nice to have the feature that you don't even need to specify the carrier. I had several packages that were shipped through [email protected] delivery. Basically, the DHL ships the package and gives it to your local USPS carrier to deliver. As the result, the tracking number doesn't follow the normal DHL tracking number. In this website, no carrier needs to be selected and I can even tell when the DHL hands over the package to my USPS carrier for delivery. Absolutely great!

John L.

Thanks! This is so wonderful. I've used the Track Package extension for a couple years now, and just saw the PackageMapping.com extension. Not only do you show a map, but you somehow know where a USPS package will start from as soon as the electronic shipping info is received, which isn't even shown on the USPS web site. ... Again, thanks!

What a wonderful design! We were able to track a package for a customer that was lost in the post office where the customer's daughter went to college. The postmaster kept saying the package was not there, but when we were able to "prove" through your website that the package was in their postal center, he found the package and it was returned to the customer. Your site saved the day and because of it, the customer has returned to our store for her shipping needs. Kudos!

We love your site and all the work that you put into it. It's an asset to our industry and many many thanks for your efforts.

Thank you.

J Lynch

PackageMapping.com caters to my neurotic need to see exactly where my packages are at all time s. Also as a frequent purchaser from internet only sites, I am given a sense of where a company is located that I would not necessarily have had otherwise. A fantastic application that I am very glad to have access to.

PackageMapping is a great site. We license the use of their technology on our website in order to give our customers a fun and informative tracking experience. We are able to send e-mails to our website customers that confirm their shipment; and to obtain the tracking results, they come back and spend time on our website! Thanks PackageMapping!

Michael S.

You do DHL's job better than they do it themselves! I love your email tracking which informs me about everything what happens to my parcels. I only wish I could also keep track of my DHL national consignments in Germany.

Scott B.

While I truly only used it for entertainment purposes, I've used your website this week to track a package via UPS. I'm a very visual person so actually seeing where my package is as UPS routes it to my house has been a fun experience. Thanks for your website.

Kevan D.

A great product and the amount of detail given is fantastic, much better than many other tracking services.

Charlie L.

I have been watching a package at UPS.com and thought to myself, "Wonder if Google has technology to show you, on a map, where packages are traveling to." I did a quick search and found your site. This is great! Keep it up!

Dorothy B.

I love your site -- and I really loved the miles-per-hour feature... I haven't had a package for awhile, but at Christmas we had a great time watching our packages race (sometimes plod) to the finish. I think your site is fantastic!

Robert H.

It helps me to have it mapped out in front of me, seeing where the package is at a given time. Having a son in Iraq it helps me tell him what is going on with shipments. Thank you for this valuable service, wishing you well with your website.

Great site, thanks for opening it up, very generous. Thanks again, I love your site.


Hello. I just wanted to say how great this website is. I love it. I track all my packages with it. It shows the scan that the package carriers don't show on there tracking website.

We at FDS Worldwide have been looking for something like this for a long time, and would like to thank PackageMapping.com for their great product.

This is an excellent product and offered at a fraction of what I would expect to pay. Our employees now have a streamlined tracking interface, and our customers have one more reason to come back and visit our site on a regular basis.

Adding package mapping along with the tracking to our website makes the process of tracking a package a lot more fun. This should also help to add more traffic to our website.

Niraj Sanghvi

Very cool site! I especially like how the tracking information you provide is often more detailed/updated than the information I can see on the shipper's website. And the map makes the whole process much more interesting!

David P.
Tech columnist, The New York Times

Very cool!

Larry Riley

Great site, very neat service!!!

Ray M.

Packagemapping.com is an absolutely brilliant application of RSS and Web Services!

Daniel Q.

I think your Google Tracking module is great.

Mike Pegg
Google Maps Mania

On Tuesday, July 11, 2006, Mike Pegg, the author of Google Maps Mania, wrote the article "Google Maps Package Tracker App Roundup". You can visit his website at http://googlemapsmania.blogspot.com.

Tommy, W.
B & E Sales, Inc.

I tried your package tracking for the first time, and WOW! How cool to visualize my in-transit package. Thanks for a great product! I, like most people I know, place an order and wait impatiently to go to UPS , Fed Ex or whatever carrier's web site to follow that package in transit. To have a map or graphic really makes a difference. Thanks, again!

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